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Boston Mythos (BOS)
Rob Peterson
Established Season 13 (2005)
3 CP / 0 TP / 1 OTF
Bank: 2303 / Morale: 0.61 (0.07)
2nd Division: 2nd place
Nickname: The Mythos
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
Trophy Cabinet
2nd Division Runnerup: 2 (15 20)
Roster (23 Players)
Name PosAgeSLEL PU
Ah-Puch FW017610
Alydar GK433010
Apotamkin WG39100
Atlas DF21906
Benten MF312100
Cao-Guojiu MF018610
Charybdis SD22938
Fenrir SW119-71
Hap MF51780
Hapi MF416100
Hercules FW421100
Huitzilopochtli WG127310
Kamooalii DF56100
Kinich-Ahau MF31870
Lilith GK118107
Loki MA51850
Nemesis GK69100
Neteraantmwmw DM38100
Quetzalcoatl FW332410
Scylla SW59100
Shiva DM12306
Taweret DF410100
Young Oli MA332110
Unavailable For Trade
Lilith 2
Team Form
Last 10: DwWdlWDldW

MVP: D--

Team DPs:


BOS are rivals to 3 teams.

Recent Transactions
December 20, 2012
  • Auction 8: Acquired 3/18 MF.
    December 18, 2012
  • 4/6 MF Apep retires.
    November 29, 2012
  • 5/5 FW Jaguarundi retires.
  • 5/7 SW Cerberus retires.
    November 25, 2012
  • Auction 6: Acquired 4/20 MF.
  • Auction 6: Acquired 5/22 MF.
    November 1, 2012
  • Auction 4: Acquired 1/11 GK.
  • Auction 4: Acquired 2/14 DF.
    September 26, 2012
  • 5/5 WG Icarus retires.
  • 7/4 FW Baal retires.
  • 5/6 SW Nirriti retires.
    September 20, 2012
  • Auction 1: Acquired 0/6 MF.
    Team Needs

    SXX - Promotion to D1
    To get closer to .500 winning %

    Next 3 Games
    Last 10 Games
    46 Mar 06 D2 - 2Bay State Minutemen MSWL Cup
    45 Mar 02 W3 - 0@Bay State Minutemen MSWL Cup
    44 Feb 27 W3 - 0Richmond Furious Tigers MSWL Cup
    43 Feb 23 D1 - 1@Richmond Furious Tigers MSWL Cup
    42 Feb 20 L2 - 3@Providence Waterfires MSWL Cup
    41 Feb 16 W3 - 1Providence Waterfires MSWL Cup
    40 Feb 13 D0 - 0Asteria Kromatos MSWL Cup
    39 Feb 09 L1 - 2@Asteria Kromatos MSWL Cup
    38 Jan 30 D1 - 1@Montevideo Tricolores MSWL Cup
    37 Jan 26 W2 - 0Gauteng Shooters MSWL Cup
    About Boston Mythos
    Team management decided that a .433 winning percentage over 5 seasons meant that a change was needed. A new manager? No.. that's not the answer. New player? Perhaps a few, but that's always an ongoing task with any club. So what change could be made that would spark the team to winning ways?

    After long and hard thinking, a plan was hatched... the Stars would be retired from MSWL. In there place a new, old team would be resurrected. Coach Peterson had a measure of success in PSFA with the Mythos - a strong team with solid deities playing to win. This team would be reincarnated in MSWL. The deities from multiple pantheons have taken over the corporeal forms of the former Stars players. It is rumored that Heroes are not far behind.

    With gods and heroes from all over the world and all over creation joining forces, there can only be one thing left to blame if the team does not find success in the coming seasons. No one wants to see the manager sacked though...

    S19 Update - Season 18 has been considered a rounding success. The team did not fare well in either Cup competition, but did manage to finish in 4th place in the division, garnering it entrance into the promotional playoffs. Things did not go well in the playoffs, but overall, the season is being marked as a success.

    Coach's Bio: Rob Peterson
    Vital Stats:
    Age: 30
    Status: Married, 0 kids
    Hometown: Lowell MA (about 40 minutes NW of Boston)
    College: BS in Computer Information Systems - Roger Williams University
    Occupation: Supervisor, Technical Support for a major medical software company

    Online Leagues:

    • MWSL - Boston Mythos
    • eWFL - Boston Bombers
    • TMBL - Boston Badgers

    I was born and raised on the shore in New Jersey, just a couple miles from the best beaches on the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean. I went to school in Rhode Island (Roger Williams University) and graduated with a BS in CIS (Computer Information Systems). I grew up playing soccer all my life - playing goalkeeper for roughly 14 years. Unfortunately, I'm way too out of shape to play anymore.

    My first foray into the online soccer realm was with the now defunct league, iFLM. I played a couple seasons in that league (I can't even recall what team I managed). I then got into a new start-up league called PSFA (PsychoS[h]occer Football Association) running the Boston Mythos team. Unfortunately, this league had trouble keeping enough managers too hold the league together, not to mention the fact that it ran through 3 commissioners in 4 seasons. I ran the league the for the last two seasons of it's existence - sad to say that a lot of external factors forced me to fold the league.

    From there, Mike Jaffe got me involved in eWFL (American Football), where I have managed the Boston Bombers for the past 6 seasons, winning the championship once and being a perennial powerhouse (until this season it appears).

    Next came my introduction to MSWL and the creation of the Boston Stars. In PSFA, the Mythos were a pretty good team - never good enough to win the championship, but typically mid-table in the top division. To date, in MSWL, the Stars have not had anywhere near the same level of success. I hope to start to turn that around this season. (Starting in Season 18, the Stars are no more... welcome the return of the Mythos!)

    When Al came up with the idea to start a baseball league, I was one of the first to jump on-board. The Boston Badgers were born and have been major competitors in all seasons except one. I have taken over as commissioner of this league effective Season 5. Unfortunately, Al did not pass along his cheat codes, so the Badgers got pummeled, barely eking out a .500 record.

    Outside of the PBEM world, my free time is spent hanging out with my wife and her family, playing golf, and playing poker with the guys from work. The wife and I tend to watch a bit too much TV (Lost and Heroes are among our favorite shows). I'm a huge sports nut; I follow all the major American sports.

    • Football - New York Giants
    • Baseball - New York Mets
    • Baseketball - Boston Celtics
    • Hockey - New York Rangers

    There's not much coverage of "real" football over here in the States, so my exposure has been quite limited. With that said, I do tend to follow ManU and more recently Barcelona, sorry to all those who just groaned reading that...