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Gauteng Golden Dragons (GGD)
Peter Babcock
Established Season 0 (2008)
0 CP / 5 TP / 10 OTF
Bank: 3105 / Morale: 0.68 (0.19)
1st Division: 10th place
Nickname: The Golden Dragons
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
Motor City Redmen (MCR)S11 - S17
Gold Coast Privateers (GCP)S12 - S14
Previous Coaches
Mike Jaffe (S11-17), Todd Teis (S12-14),
Trophy Cabinet
2nd Division Winner: 1 (21)
Roster (21 Players)
Name PosAgeSLEL PU
Gary Bailey GK33067
Ryan Giggs MF330010
Steve Bruce SD330-28
Barney Stinson DF23038
Todd Haley GK1271010
Last One FW125110
Paul Smith MF125510
Sparky FW225010
Bryan Robson MF41810
Rob Rieckhoff MA31812
Robert Taylor DF018310
James Purshouse DM51810
Jennifer Harman WG41660
Gary Player FW514100
Lil G DF512100
S Bom FW512100
Reitze Keizer SW410100
Stink Bomb DM64100
Alan Hutton DF63100
Craig Riggs MF71100
Hugh Pugh WG71100
Unavailable For Trade
Team Form
Last 10: lWwwwWWWlw

MVP: lW-

Team DPs:


GGD are rivals to 1 teams.

Recent Transactions
December 25, 2012
  • GGD sends 450k to AYR for 3 TP.
    December 24, 2012
  • GGD sends 600k to GS for 4 TP.
    December 20, 2012
  • Auction 8: Acquired 1 TPs.
    October 18, 2012
  • Auction 3: Acquired 2/17 FW.
    September 26, 2012
  • 7/2 GK Gween B retires.
  • 7/1 MA Martin Liguera retires.
    September 23, 2012
  • Auction 2: Acquired 5/23 DM.
    September 20, 2012
  • Auction 1: Acquired 5 CPs.
    March 22, 2012
  • 7/1 FW Shem Bollick retires.
  • 7/1 MF Guillaume Le Testu retires.
  • 7/1 DM Guns McGee retires.
  • 7/1 SW Tommo retires.
    Team Needs

    Would be nice to have a few more good players with SL 10+

    Next 3 Games
    Last 10 Games
    46 Mar 06 L0 - 2@Hollywood All-Stars MSWL Cup
    45 Mar 02 W1 - 0Hollywood All-Stars MSWL Cup
    44 Feb 27 W1 - 0@Kirksville Invertebrates MSWL Cup
    43 Feb 23 W1 - 0@Marblehead Wild Woodpeckers MSWL Cup
    42 Feb 20 W1 - 0@Barnsley Brewers MSWL Cup
    41 Feb 16 W1 - 0Kirksville Invertebrates MSWL Cup
    40 Feb 13 W5 - 0Marblehead Wild Woodpeckers MSWL Cup
    39 Feb 09 W2 - 0Barnsley Brewers MSWL Cup
    38 Jan 30 L2 - 8@Gauteng Shooters MSWL Cup
    37 Jan 26 W2 - 0@Montevideo Tricolores MSWL Cup
    About Gauteng Golden Dragons
    The Golden Dragon Started way back in 2000 and have played in alot of different PBEM Football league, they have always been successful. They currenly play in DESL and in the first 3 seasons have won the league title twice and the Cup Twice In the last season we did the League and Cup double Early this year they tried to play Baseball in TMBL and i consider it a very successful season getting up to a high of 2nd place in our league and ending 3rd. But 3rd is not good enough for this team so we moved back to Football and now found our selves in MSML with a very poor team but give us a season or two and we will be challenging for the title ! We are based in South Africa in Gauteng, and have a Coach from the UK so great things are expected !!
    Coach's Bio: Peter Babcock
    I started playing this type of league about 2 years ago +- 2006 in SESL I started mid way through season 13. The team i took over was Hibs and they were in trouble and close to relegation zone, but we managed to finish in 3rd spot but tied on points with the number 1 team - we lost on Goal Difference! Season 14 - HIB won the SESL cup. Season 15 - we were the team to beat but some unexplained dodgy play in the last 4 weeks of the season cost us the league we were 8 points ahead but with managers playing top 11 all Dirty against us and this help Celtic steal the title from us. We did manage to win the SESL Cup again. Season 16 started off really bad for HIB and it down to pure bad luck nothing else, we have an ok second half to the season but other than that nothing good happend for Hibs. Season 17 saw us launch a campaign against the 'old firm' of Celtic and Rangers, and other teams took up the challenge to play their top11 players against the top teams. Season 18 saw HIB struggle initially, but a top half of the Div 1 table finish was still expected. But Season 18 saw Hibs relegated - it has to be the worst season ever since I took over. Season 19 We are in Div2 but were really are a div1 team and that could have been seen from the stats page where HIBS is ranked 5 in top 11, although alot of work is needed in the top 17 Hibs should be able to return to div1. HIB finish 3rd in league, We were offered the job at rivals HEARTS. Season 20 - took control of Hearts and had a really bad first half of the season where we would hardly win a game and found the team rooted to to bottom but the second half was great and we put together a string of wins and after sitting on the table we finished 6th in the league. Season 21 - It starts off with a huge trade that cause people to take it over 90 SL left Hearts on only 37 came in !! only time will tell if this was a good or bad trade - Right now we are the best side in the league but again Olmec hates us. An offer was forth coming from MSWL to take over a team, which we pondered about for a while and then accepted, the team we have taken over is in some serious trouble and needs alot more that some tape to fix the holes !! We will have to use this season to rebuild but next season we will launch a challenge on the div2 title and then take over the top of div1 from GS so Aloe has 2 more season to enjoy being top dog