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Kirksville Invertebrates (KIN)
Kevin Martin
Established Season 12 (2005)
0 CP / 0 TP / 10 OTF
Bank: 2806 / Morale: 0.50 (0.29)
1st Division: 9th place
Nickname: The Bug Thugs
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Coaches
Fran Morillo (S18-18), Open (S18-18),
Trophy Cabinet
1st Division Runnerup: 2 (17 18)
2nd Division Winner: 1 (13)
Alan Parr Cup Winner: 2 (15 17)
MSWL Cup Winner: 1 (21)
MSWL Cup Runnerup: 1 (13)
Roster (24 Players)
Name PosAgeSLEL PU
Tarantula GK33209
Black Widow GK0171010
Cicada GK312100
Nematode GK73100
Whirlygig Beetle SW230-310
Screwworm SW515100
Monarch DF33007
Grasshopper DF42110
Biddy DF52000
Toe Biter DF58100
Medfly DF63100
Walkingstick MF12407
Luna Moth MF07100
Giant Ichneumon MF26100
Treehopper MF65100
Salmonfly MA320-35
Chori Castro WG64100
Cowkiller FW230-49
Earwig FW12517
Frederick Polaris FW515100
Boxelder Bug FW610100
Archaeognatha  UT42524
Mantis UT125210
Horned Devil UT0151010
Unavailable For Trade
Team Form
Last 10: WlLwdlWWLw


Team DPs:


KIN are rivals to 5 teams.

Recent Transactions
December 9, 2012
  • Auction 7: Acquired 1 TPs.
  • Auction 7: Acquired 5/25 DF.
    November 25, 2012
  • Auction 6: Acquired 1 TPs.
    November 15, 2012
  • Auction 5: Acquired 2 TPs.
    November 1, 2012
  • Auction 4: Acquired 2 TPs.
    October 29, 2012
  • 7/5 MA Skeletonizer retires.
    September 23, 2012
  • Auction 2: Acquired 1 TPs.
  • Auction 2: Acquired 0/5 GK.
    September 20, 2012
  • Auction 1: Acquired 0/3 UT.
    September 17, 2012
  • 7/5 WG Soldier Bug retires.
  • 5/3 MF Midge retires.
    January 5, 2012
  • 5/5 SW Bombadier Beetle retires.
    Team Needs

    Two year plan: Develop a midfield and shooters under age 4. Immediate future: Find replacements for the 10 age 5+ players on the roster. Glaring need: Midfield power & more than 3 DFs.

    Next 3 Games
    Last 10 Games
    46 Mar 06 W1 - 0Memphis Pharaohs MSWL Cup
    45 Mar 02 L0 - 1@Memphis Pharaohs MSWL Cup
    44 Feb 27 L0 - 1Gauteng Golden Dragons MSWL Cup
    43 Feb 23 W2 - 0@Barnsley Brewers MSWL Cup
    42 Feb 20 D1 - 1@Marblehead Wild Woodpeckers MSWL Cup
    41 Feb 16 L0 - 1@Gauteng Golden Dragons MSWL Cup
    40 Feb 13 W3 - 0Barnsley Brewers MSWL Cup
    39 Feb 09 W4 - 0Marblehead Wild Woodpeckers MSWL Cup
    38 Jan 30 L1 - 2Essex Supreme MSWL Cup
    37 Jan 26 W6 - 0@Ayers Rock MSWL Cup
    About Kirksville Invertebrates
    The Kirksville Invertebrates are made up of those members of the animal kingdom that are typically overlooked during the scouting and drafting process for most teams. Something about the phrase "spineless" tends to turn off other managers. Having embraced the outcasts among football talent, we then harness their unique gifts and skills in hopes of one day capturing a league title. One day... as in not this season yet again.

    KIN (or "the Bugs" as affectionately known) began back when there was a division three after taking over ownership from the then worst-in-league club Oxford Ivory Tower. Having a so-so first season that saw them finish 3rd in the 3rd division, KIN were on pins and needles as the league contracted. Fortunately, KIN were spared the axe and allowed to participate in the 2nd Division competition the following season (a move Al likely regrets to this day). KIN went on to win the 2nd Division crown that season and has been in Division One since, peaking at 2nd place.

    While the founding manager is now back at the helm, KIN this year (Season 20) is seeking only to survive and not be relegated. We don't have the GK or shooter depth to be able to seriously compete this season. Early returns are not promising for chances of surviving another campaign in the big pond. And yet if we're known for one thing, the Bugs are survivors. We don't have to be big and mighty to bite and sting where it hurts.

    For our rivals, it's the fault of Phil that I'm even in this league to start with so the Cats get first pick as a rival. Besides, Flea and Tick really love away games to our cross-county rivals, needing just 15 minutes to get from stadium to stadium. Boston was promoted with us from Division 2 and pushed us for the title in our 2nd season in the league. We're looking forward to getting Rob back up in the 1st Division to renew those great clashes. And finally we've added Robin, not just because he's always a tough opponent, yet also because most of our bloodsucking and biting crew can't stand him. Something about being perpetually intoxicated makes his blood impossible to palate without leaving most of my team with severe hangovers come game day...

    Coach's Bio: Kevin Martin
    Kevin currently has teams in MSWL, SANC, FLATNZ, United, and TMBL in terms of Olmec leagues. Previous stints in SESL, WFL, and Psychos(h)occer also dot the resume. Game time is as allowed between family and home obligations (wife, 4 kids, 2 dogs, bird, three-legged three-quarter-tailed cat, and some bats in the attic) and work responsibilities as a Juvenile Officer. He writes too much in his posts most of the time. With his college education in English and Philosophy/Religion, this comes as no surprise. Two B.A.s in BS'ing will do that to you. Hobbies include reading, games, playing the drums, and whatever else Phil drags him into for this month. He has a disturbing fondness for spreadsheets.

    With sarcasm as his preferred method of interaction with friends, anything written in or around this league should be taken with a healthy dose of dry humor and read with the intention of stirring up banter between managers. Should he offend unintentionally, drop him a note and he'll back off - or so he says. Never trust a man who keeps a scorpion paperweight on his desk.